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is my website effective

Effective website checklist

Am I getting leads from my website?

Am I getting orders from my website?

Is my website serving my market?

Do I have an effective website is a question you should be asking periodically. Answering the following questions will start you on a journey to discover what could be done to make your website work harder for you.

  • Has my website been online for more than a few months?
  • Has my website design changed in the last two years?
  • Is my website easy to maintain and keep fresh?
  • Am I getting feedback about products or services from my website?
  • Have I defined several keywords / phrases that I think people will use to find my website?
  • Has my website been search engine optimized for my keywords / phrases?
  • Does my site show up on the Google’s first page for at least some of my keywords / phrases?
  • Do I, my webmaster or someone else monitor my website for search engine results page position changes and other health metrics? My Maintenance Plan will monitor your website.
  • Do you know if anyone actually uses your keywords / phrases to find you?
  • Does my homepage clearly and prominently describe what the website is about?
  • Does my website have visually appealing and fast loading photos?
  • Do I have customer / client testimonials on my website?
  • Is my website mobile (Smartphones, iPads, tablets…) responsive? I.E. Does my website present well on Smartphones, iPads, tablets….

The more “no” answers to the above “Do I have an effective website?” questions, the more you should consider enhancing your website. There may be simple changes that may significantly increase your website’s effectiveness. If you believe your website is NOT working hard enough for you, I can help.

Email me with the subject of “Effective Website” to explore how I may be able to make your website work harder for you.

PS – Don’t have a website. Ask yourself if you need a website.