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successful websites

Do you tell yourself any of the following?

  • All I need Is a Website.
  • Customers will Find my Website.
  • I don’t have time for more marketing.
  • I just need to wait a bit longer for my Website to be successful.

All I need is a website.

Successful websites don’t just happen AND they usually are complemented with other online marketing such as social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…).

Having a website is a great first step in reaching out to potential customers or clients.

Customers will Find my Website.

Once your website has good search engine results positions, ideally on the first page, and searchers use the first page keywords to find your website, orders and leads should be coming in. Getting on the first page of search engine results for your keywords can be a challenge and once there, can change without you knowing unless you are monitoring you website.

How do successful websites achieve first page search engine results positions?

Certainly, selecting the right keywords for each page and optimizing each page for those keywords is key. Search engines like Google have complex rating systems to determine the value of a website for searchers, including which keyword(s) a page is about. Successful websites with first page positions are those most highly valued by Google.

The quantity and quality of visitors to your website are two metrics that search engines like Google consider along with many other measurements. By quality, I mean how deep a visitor goes into your website and how long they stay there. Getting on Google’s first page should be a prime goal for many of your keywords.

I don’t have time for more marketing.

Is having a website all the online presence you need? Likely not. Ask yourself: Is my website effective?

Successful websites usually are complimented by other online and offline marketing channels. Take a look at online competitor websites.

  • Do they have a Facebook page?
  • Do they have a Pinterest page?
  • Do they have an Instagram page?
  • Do they have an eNewsletter?
  • Do they have a YouTube channel?

All of these channels can be effective ways to motivate (push) potential customers or clients to your website. If competitors have any of the above, check out how they use them and consider implementing at least one.

I just need to wait a bit longer for my Website to be successful.

If your website is newly launched, it may take 1-3 months before the search engines start to take notice, but havng complementary online marketing will shorten the time it takes to get good positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). Just getting more visitors to your website and keeping them there longer will increase the value of your website in the “eyes” of the search engines.

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