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hard working websites

Are you thinking of or in the process of discussing with a web designer, what features you want or need on your website?

Don’t know where to start your discussion with a web designer?

You believe a website for your business, farm or organization will be a benefit, but are not sure what questions to ask or what info to tell your web designer. You are not alone. For many, the process of working with a web designer is a work-in-progress, in that your website vision will become clearer as you and your designer define your needs.

I recommend that potential website clients complete my Website Questionnaire to begin discussions on whether I am a good fit for them.

Ask yourself if you need a website.

PS – Your website is not done just because it has been launched. My Website Maintenance plan includes monitoring your website to assure its continued health and relevancy.

Email me to explore how I may be able to make your website work harder for you.