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Google first page

Great! Your website finally made it to a Google first page position for certain keywords or phrases you believe searchers will find you with. You are not done!

Congratulations. Your website is on a Google first page for a specific keyword.  Although your website is valued by Google enough to place it on their first page, it’s possible that position will change tomorrow, next week or anytime in the future.

The goal is to get on and stay on the Google first page for keywords.

There are many factors (page speed, backlinks, HTML tags, snippets, time spent by visitors on your website…) that Google considers and measures to rank on what page a web page should be on for specific keywords.

You or your webmaster MUST periodically check the keyword’s position to see if it’s still on the first page.

Why might your first page position change?

Three possible reasons are:

Something about your website / web page changed.

Google changed their ranking algorithms.

A competitor(s) for your keywords improved something about their website / web page and knocked you off Google’s first page search engine results page (SERP).

You or your webmaster must analyze to discover what you could improve to get back to that first page position.

My Website Maintenance plan includes monitoring your website to assure its continued health.

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