Website Maintenance

Assures Its Health.

Yes, website maintenance has to be done.

I’ll maintain your website so you can pay full attention to your business.


Websites Are Never Done.

A website has many “moving” parts and needs constant monitoring. Website maintenance includes updating plugins, content changes, keyword optimization adjustments, and backups.


Your Website is Launched. Now What?

You’ve worked with me to create a stunning and hard-working website, but someone needs to be watching its effectiveness going forward. I’ll tend to your website while you tend to your business.


Periodic Maintenance Tasks

Websites are living creations that can be impacted by “outside” factors. I’ll watch your website using back-end tools and assure your website is working smoothly.


LBWS Maintenance Plan

Once your website is launched, my maintenance plan takes over so you don’t have to worry about backing up, updating plugins, keyword search engine results positions (SERPs)… In addition, my maintenance plan includes one hour of content updating should you want to change / add products, prices, product descriptions…

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