Responsive Design

Websites MUST Look  Good on All Web-Enabled Devices.

Fewer and Fewer Users Are Using a Desktop to Find You.

A poor presentation of your website on a smartphone or laptop will loose you business. Responsive design of your website must accomodate devices your potential customers or clients are using.


What is Responsiveness?

Today’s Internet users use several kinds of devices to surf the Web. Small devices like smartphones. Larger devices like laptops and iPads and desktop devices. Modern websites must be designed so that they adjust to the different device screen and resolution sizes.


Why Must Responsiveness Be a Goal?

Getting first page search engine results positions on Google or any search engine is all about users’ experiences at your website. Although Google and other search engines do not reveal their algorithm metrics, it is most likely that a website’s responsiveness is an important part of how a website is valued.


How is Responsiveness Accomplished?

A good website layout includes features that accomodate whatever device a Web user uses. The Divi theme I use, does this very well.


I Build Responsiveness In.

I use the Divi theme by Elegant Themes, to design and build my own and client websites. At any point in the build process, I am able to, with the click of my mouse, see what the design looks like on various size devices.


How to Check Responsiveness.

Using Google or your favorite seach engine, search for “responsive website checker”.


Examples of Responsiveness

Check out these client websites.